Barter Stage II Theater 

Abingdon, Virginia

Barter 1 x300
Barter FP x300

The ultimate sustainable design challenge is the curatorial responsibility to recycle a 174 year old historic building to functional adaptive use, while enhancing its aesthetics. This anchor, in the core of the historic district, creates a sense of place for the theatrical experience. The primary functional needs were to restore the building shell structurally, thermally, acoustically, and aesthetically, blending harmonious additions to it.

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Barter Tickets x300
Barter 1
Barter Section x300

By recycling old windows and materials, improving its seismic stability, creating handicapped access, more exits, more and wider seats, prop storage and scenery access, and other functional aspects, the theater building now performs at a higher, safer capacity.

Uwe Rothe, AIA, LEED AP

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