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What does “Green” mean?

“Green” has become the shorthand term for the concept of sustainable development as applied to the building industry. Also known as high performance buildings, green buildings are intended to be environmentally responsible, economically profitable, and healthy places to live and work.


Why Make Your Building Green?

The building sector has a tremendous impact on the environment. Buildings in the United States alone consume more than 30% of our total energy and 60% of our electricity annually. They consume 5 billion gallons of potable water per day to flush toilets. A typical North American commercial construction project generates up to 2.5 pounds of solid waste per square foot of floor space.

Green buildings not only reduce the negative impact on the environment, but can also increase worker productivity. Studies of workers in green buildings reported productivity gains of up to 16%.

Going Green isn’t more costly. A 2006 study shows there is no significant difference in average costs for green buildings as compared to non-green buildings. However, green buildings have been shown to sell for considerable more. Green buildings average $61 to $171 per square foot more in value than non-green buildings.

Reduce operating costs. Green building can decrease electricity costs by 30% to 50%.

How can we help?

We offer environmentally responsible design solutions for our clients. We strive to create healthy environments while reducing energy consumption, waste generation, and harmful emissions. Our focus is on using sustainable resources and highlighting green trends in architecture and design. By having a LEED Accredited Professional leading this firm, we feel we can guide our clients toward greater comfort and productivity, while promoting a healthier and more pleasant atmosphere.

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