The following is a timeline of various designs that Uwe Rothe and others feel are significant in creatively solving problems.

1973 Green Acres Ten Johnson City, Tennessee
Unique site planning of alternating the exterior areas by clustering houses into village groupings, protecting existing sink holes which recharge ground water. 

1973 Logan Residence Buffalo Ridge, Gray, Tennessee
 Bermed ridgetop house with cross-ventilation and indigenous plantings  

1974 Kingsport Federal Branch Bank Kingsport, Tennessee
Diagonal split design which spatially integrates the drive-throughs into the body of the building.

1974 Onks Cluster Lake Cabins  Washington County, Tennessee
A grouping of small cabins on a lake hillside, creating a village-square and sense of community for a rental project.

1974 Holston Valley Unitarian Church Gray, Tennessee
Earth bermed church with modular expansion design

1974 Northridge Complex Johnson City, Tennessee
 Multi-use complex of southfacing buildings

1975 Woodstone Condominiums Johnson City, Tennessee
Ridge top development preserving native vegetation buffers with bio-retention of storm water and custom unit design for views.

1975 Moniberg Watauga Flats, Tennessee
 Mr. Rothe’s own house used as an experimental lab

1976 First Federal of Erwin Branch Bank Blountville, Tennessee
Design of colliding shed roof forms to capture daylight with a tree-like massing form.

1976 Willowbrook Condominiums Kingsport, Tennessee
A community,on ridges and valleys,of passive-solar unit designs with active solar hot water collectors.

1976 Homebuilders Dream House Johnson City, Tennessee
 Modular active solar residence

1977 Banking and Trust Corporate Offices Johnson City, Tennessee
Solar shading detailing of windows and sloped glass which was adopted by Pella Corporation for sloped glass designs.

1977 Courtyard Housing for the Elderly Elizabethton, Tennessee
Seventy-five unit apartment project with skylight atriums heated by passive solar energy on masonry walls.

1978 Residence on East River Mountain Bluefield, West Virginia
 Linear skylight design with alternative windpower design

1978  Harr Underground House
Concrete underground house with sunspace

1978 Autumn Trace Condominiums Morristown, Tennessee
High-density custom unit designs with emphasis on screened porches, berming, and heavy native landscaping to create privacy.

1978 Carter County Bank renovation Elizabethton, Tennessee
Renovation of old skylight arcade and new skylight in bank to accentuate daylighting of the interior wood and brick surfaces.

1979 Hensley Condominiums Bristol, Virginia
Small grouping of luxury units with private outdoor areas overlooking a lake.

1980 Chestnut Grove Dental Complex Kingsport, Tennessee
 Nature setting with daylight operatories

1980 Pebble Creek Condominiums Bristol, Virginia
Strip condominium grouping along a creekside, maintaining the natural topography and vegetation.

1980 Windswept Condominiums Gatlinburg, Tennessee
 Ridgetop southfacing development

1980 Sells Residence Johnson City, Tennessee
 Passive solar house bermed into hillside.

1981 Woodbutchers Cabins Linville, North Carolina
Personal building and invention of internal shutter designs, combined with super-insulation, created high-efficiency 500-square-foot mountain cabins with no impact on site vegetation.

1982 Lake Pointe Sullivan County, Tennessee
 Full house designs terrace along lake edge.

1982 Wilson Residence Johnson City, Tennessee
 Indoor/outdoor trellis space design with interior heating zones

1982 Summers Residence Johnson City, Tennessee
Trellised outdoor sitting areas and sheltering overhangs blended the house into a woodland setting.

1983 Ski View Condominiums Gatlinburg, Tennessee
Modular construction of high-quality units placed on a steel framework creating minimal disturbance on a steep hillside.

1984 Whisnant Residence  Gatlinburg, Tennessee
South-facing house on ridge top optimized solar gain by large window-wall heating masonry fireplace mass.

1984 The Gables Shops Gatlinburg, Tennessee
Renovation project of multiple gables relating to pedestrian scale and steep-roof mountain character.

1985 Oak Square Condominiums Gatlinburg, Tennessee
Downtown condo grouping created an interior courtyard for internal views and sense of community.

1986 Assembly of God Church St. Paul, Virginia
 Multi-directional laminated timber addition to traditional church.

1986 The Peddler Restaurant Gatlinburg, Tennessee
 Historical structure adapted to contemporary use with re-cycled materials  

1987 Gazebo Inn Motel Gatlinburg, Tennessee
 Renovation of old motel into energy-efficient aesthetic envelope.

1987 Student Cluster Housing Raleigh, North Carolina
Use of internal window shutter system for energy efficiency.

1987 Clifton Residence Plumbnelly, Tennessee
 Traditional Victorian country house in farm setting.

1987 Victoria’s Restaurant Gatlinburg, Tennessee
Victorian character building with old farmhouse details and large awning exterior space.

1988 Peerless Restaurant Johnson City, Tennessee
New brick and barrel vaulted atrium with shops and brick relief sculpture designs.

1988 Dhaliwal Residence Johnson City, Tennessee
 Ridge side design with Indian heritage character.

1989 Santo’s Restaurant Pigeon Forge, Tennessee
 Masonry and tile-roof vernacular design for Italian restaurant.

1989 Unitarian Church Boone, North Carolina
 Addition of new meeting hall with unique sun-space speaker area.

1989 Werner Cabin Gatlinburg, Tennessee
 Addition and recycling of old cabin with sunroom space.

1990 Uncle Bud’s Restaurant Pigeon Forge, Tennessee
 Pole type structure with high-density landscaping.

1991 Wolpert Residence Sevier County, Tennessee
 Ridgetop house built with recycled barn materials

1992 Moore Residence Bristol, Tennessee
 Ridge-shoulder design blended into natural pond-edge setting.

1993 Rast Cluster Cabins Pigeon Forge, Tennessee
 Group designs on series of woodland ridges.

1993 Tennessee State Bank Branch Sevierville, Tennessee 
Design of optimum interior space by unique roof truss.

1994 Wedding Chapel Gatlinburg, Tennessee
 Riverside chapel with overlooks over river.

1995 Cottage Gardens Cluster Cabins Gatlinburg, Tennessee
 Groupings of cottages along steep wooded hillside.

1996 Baker Residence Gatlinburg, Tennessee
 Steel-frame foundation design on steep lot.

1996 Grindstaff Residence Johnson City, Tennessee
 Classical stone structure overlooking Boone Lake.

1996 Tennessee State Bank Corporate Office Pigeon Forge, Tennessee
Unique twenty-six unit HVAC four-pipe system to optimize simultaneous heating and cooling.

1996 Clarion Hotel and Suites Gatlinburg, Tennessee
One-hundred-forty unit design in custom suite format with view balconies.

1998 Allergy Clinic Johnson City, Tennessee
Allergen-free clinic design with stacked stone exterior and metal roof and “living room” waiting area for patients with lengthy monitoring visits.

1998 Smoky Mountain Village Cluster Cabins Gatlinburg, Tennessee
 High-density log home clusters with hidden parking slots, built on ridge.

1998 Super 8 Motel Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
Recycling by renovation of old factory into contemporary motel.

1998 Seaton Residence Boone Lake, Tennessee
Lakehouse with cross ventilation and natural setting (see exhibit #13)

1999 Ramada Inn Johnson City, Tennessee
Renovations and additions using an energy-efficient envelope to upgrade a fifty-year-old motel.

Significant Projects while with Cain Rash West:

1999  Harbor Club    Norris Lake,Tennessee

     Master Plan and design of 300+ unit home site, condominium and pedestal
     cabins circling a marina on a terraced hillside.

2000  Comprehensive Cancer Center    Kingsport, Tennessee

      Design of patient oriented cancer treatment center with cheerful 
      Interior/exterior relationship spaces and gardens

2000 Chestnut Hills Shopping Center    Kingsport, Tennessee

     Master Plan and design of steep pitched roof clustered shops with
     enhancement program of reclaimed wetlands as visual attribute. Developed
     storm water filtration basin design under pervious pavement for runoff     

2000 Southwest Insurance Building  Norton, Virginia

     Design of traditional office building with city entry landscaping enhancement
     program and amphitheater for community events    

2001 Baileyton Baptist Church     Baileyton, Tennessee

     Design of sanctuary/fellowship addition to an old country church employing
     Vernacular design and heavy timber structure    

2001 Holston Business Development Park  Kingsport, Tennessee

     Master plan of reclamation of 1000 acres of 6000 acre Army ammunition
     Plant into useable retail, office incubators and industrial sites    

2002 Barter Green/ Stonewall Square     Abingdon, Virginia

     Master plan of 4+ acres and design of all buildings in a historical zone
     adjacent to Barter Theatre (Virginia’s State Theater) into an “Old World”
     pedestrian village of shops, apartments, restaurants, an amphitheater and
     bridge/towers connecting terraced pervious pavement parking lots.

2002 East Stone Crossing      Kingsport, Tennessee

     Design program of new major shopping center replacing old structures to 
     be recycled into mitigation program of wetlands along a greenbelt trail

2003 Tennessee Eastman Chemical Properties  Kingsport, Tennessee

     Master plan analysis of revitalization and development of brownfield sites

2003 Barter Stage II Renovations and Additions   Abingdon, Virginia

     Adaptive re-use of 174 year old historic building into a contemporary 
     Theater and memorabilia cafe

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