Homebuilders Dream House  

Eco House x300

This commission by the Johnson City Homebuilders Association was a model not only for the first active solar system in the region, but also a laboratory for new concepts and materials for residential construction. The house design concept was one of an expandable core that would change by additions as a family’s needs or size grow. In order to accomplish this, a truly metamorphosing structure was designed, with techniques of long-span floor trusses, accessible ceiling finishes, relocate-able walls and logical expansion additions. The active solar system used a rock box and automatic system controls for efficient solar heating. The house, during it’s thirty-three year life, has grown by additions in logical patterns from the original design concept.

Award: American Wood Council for innovative energy saving wood design

Published: House Beautiful and Inside TVA Magazines

Uwe Rothe, AIA, LEED AP

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